¿Ya estoy Llegando? (Am I Nearly There Yet?)

Ya estoy Llegando (Am I Nearly There Yet) is a bilingual children's picture book. It follows the adventures of "Frida" a day-dreaming Monarch Butterfly as she makes her migratory flight to Mexico for the Day of The Dead celebrations.  But she fell asleep in Butterfly school and didn't hear the directions of how to get to Mexico...will she make it in time? 

This is the first in a series of bilingual children's books in collaboration with Jude Lennon, acclaimed children's author and storyteller. The illustrations have been provided by the children Kelly teaches.

The official Book Launch was on Wednesday 28 September 2016 at 4pm at Sandbach Library.  Further reading have taken place at Chester Arts Centre and Liverpool Write Blend. New dates are coming soon for 2017.

You can order yor very own copy from Amazon by clicking HERE. We are offering a FREE mp3 recording of the story in Spanish and English to all purchases made before 31st May. See the video below for a special preview of the book.